Friday, September 12, 2014

John Crawford’s “concerned citizen” admits he lied.


So he should go to jail.


John Crawford is dead because ONE paranoid white man and his wife decided he was a threat to public safety and called 911.  The story he originally gave police is falling apart because — SURPRISE! —- there are security cameras, so now he’s changed his tune.

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Anonymous said: Where do you get the sources for such radical statistics because from what I can tell you just kinda make it all up


A quick google search would have told you I’m not. These are all unbiased, scientific sources that prove what I’m saying:

Guttmacher has many statistics about abortion including who has abortions and why.

Here’s information about why fetuses do not feel pain

Here’s an article about the number of people who die worldwide from illegal abortions.

Here’s facts about how many children are in foster care

Here’s an entire post I made a few months ago about the health risks that pro lifers claim will occur if you have an abortion, debunked all of them with separte sources to information.

But I guess I’m just making stuff up, huh?


"They be tryin’ ta hide the history, but they know who we are." - Erykah Badu, Soldier


"They be tryin’ ta hide the history, but they know who we are." - Erykah Badu, Soldier

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Biologists call a small male fish who darts in to fertilize eggs a “sneaker,” a medium male who resembles a female a “female mimic,” and a large aggressive territorial male a “parental,” to place a positive spin of his egg guarding. Both the sneaker and the female mimic are “sexual parasites” of the parental male’s “investment” in nest construction and territorial defense. The sneaker and the female mimic are said to express a gene for “cuckoldry,” as though the parental male were married to a female in his territory and victimized by her unfaithfulness. In fact, a territorial male and the female who is temporarily in his territory are not pair-bonded. Scientists sneak gender stereotypes into the primary literature and corrupt its objectivity. Are these descriptions only harmless words? No. The words affect the view of nature that emerges from biology. Joan Roughgarden (2004) Evolution’s Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People, University of California Press, Berkley
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Thursday, September 11, 2014


For many Muslim Americans, 9/11 was a double punch of tragedy and bigotry

The actions of 19 Islamic extremists on 9/11 left an indelible mark on America. Today, millions pause to commemorate the attacks’ 13th anniversary, to honor the victims and to remember that all life is special and sacred. But there’s an untold story amid the many speeches and moments of silence — one filled with a different kind of pain, grief and strong sense of loss. 

Those stories are now being told on social media



While there is a lot of appropriate rage about Ferguson right now, the killing of John Crawford III is getting less attention than it deserves. I put Shaun King’s tweets and history lesson on the matter in chronological order for easier consumption.


Autopsy and video show John Crawford shot from behind in Wal-Mart

Witness in murder of John Crawford changes story

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